Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2010 Meeting...

Show 'n Tell

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Theresa Valentine

Theresa Valentine

Martha Baltram

Back side of Martha's Quilt

Dianne Jackson

Dragon Quilt

Stephanie Smith and Marion McKinsey

Crazy Quilt

Ilona Haines

Virginia Gregory


Featured Speaker: Linda Johansen

Journal Quilts by: Linda Johansen

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Meets the 4th Thursday each month @ 7pm
Benton County Museum in Philomath, Oregon
Everyone Welcome!


  1. What a wonderful idea to have a blog for the guild. Thank you for all you do LuAnn!

  2. Hi Chris.......glad you like the blog!
    I am hoping it will be a way for our members to keep in touch with what is going on at guild.......even if they can't make it to a meeting....they can still view what went on. Also a great way to share show 'n tell with their friends and family.


  3. This looks great.
    Priscilla Newberger