Friday, March 7, 2014

Round Robin 2014

First Meeting
  of the MRQG's 
Round Robin Group 2014

This year each person providing the original block can select to participate in the Round Robin by doing “Rounds” which are actually rows, rather than by adding to all four sides of a block. The strips are to be given to the owner unattached so that she can attach them as she wishes.

Libby's Block

Linda's Block

Because Linda's block is a product of last year's round robin she has two block photos, the first, the original is a product of last year's round robin and the second is her strip, her 2014 contribution to the growth of the block.

Linda's Block New Strip

Barb's Block

Cindy's Block

Jan's Block

Judy's Block

Karen's Block

Shirley's Block

Marianne's Block

Naomi's Block

The next meeting of the Round Robin group is April 28.

Photos By: Naomi
Submitted By Historian: Alice

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