Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Round Robin

Fourth Meeting
  of the MRQG's 
Round Robin Group 2014

Cindy added the top row to Barb's piece

The participants in Barb's quilt

Naomi added the sky and lattice to Cindy's quilt

The participants in Cindy's quilt

MariAnne added a border to Jan's quilt

The participants in Jan's quilt

Jan added ends to Judy's quilt

The participants in Judy's quilt

Linda added blocks for Karen's quilt

The participants in Karen's quilt

Judy added a border to Libby's piece

The participants in Libby's quilt

Libby added applique to the center of Linda's quilt

The participants in Linda's quilt

Barb added the top row for MariAnne's piece

 The participants in MariAnne's quilt

Shirley added the end pieces for Naomi's runner

The participants in Naomi's runner

Karen added sashing and assembled the blocks for Shirley's quilt

 The participants in Shirley's quilt

Photos and Text by Naomi

Round Round reveal is scheduled 
for the Marys River Quilt Guild's 
November meeting.

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