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July Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild 

July Meeting 2015

Block of the Month

Show and Tell

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting, July 23, 2015

President Sheri P. called the meeting to order after a membership potluck at Philomath Park.

One guest and one new member (Theresa W.)

Treasurer:  Gail is giving the checkbook to Sheri for the month.  If you need a reimbursement, please contact Sheri until the August general meeting.

Volunteer positions needing to be filled:

  • Vice President – Contact Carmen S. if you are interested in this position
  • Programs – Harriet and Jan A. have filled the programs for 2016 and are looking for someone to mentor next year to take on the Program committee for 2017-2018.  They would show you the process of signing up a speaker for 2017 and how to support the speaker during their visit. 
  •  Marketing – Jo C. would like to mentor someone next year to take on the job of Marketing the Raffle Quilt and organizing the already established venues.  She feels that having a rotation of an experienced person with a new recruit in this position will make it less overwhelming. 
  •  QnG 2016 – Beth R. is looking for volunteers to be on the committee that will make decisions for the event in the next few months.  More volunteers will be needed as we get closer to the actual date of the event in 2016.
  • Benton County Fair – Beth R. is organizing the volunteers for this Raffle Quilt location.  Volunteers are still needed for Wed, July 29 and Sat, Aug 1.  Signup genius is one way to sign up for this event.  You receive free admission to the fair and free parking if you volunteer at the Fair.
  • Scout Lodge – Jo C. is organizing volunteers for this Raffle Quilt location.  Dates are Sept 11-13.  Remember there is an incentive to volunteer in areas that support the Raffle Quilt.  There will be a raffle of a small quilt and possible other items for those who sell tickets either thru membership packets or at an event and for those that worked on the quilt.

Marketing committee:  The raffle quilt has sold 1647 tickets for a total of $1410.  The Pharmacy hung 101 quilts.  Members sold 29 quilts for a total of $4200.  The Melanoma Quilt has an interested buyer as does one of the Service committee’s quilts that came back.

Challenge committee:  The next cycle begins in August.  Judy J. is looking for volunteers to help determine the theme, buy fabric and make packets up for sale at the October meeting.

Quilt County:  Marcia G. discussed discontinuing this event.  There has been less Guild participation in the event – this year only 9/22 events are Guild related; 3 of those are only 2 day shows.  The remaining shows are being organized by other art organizations, businesses and groups.  The Guild board has discussed this and is recommending that this year be the final year.  The Museum will still continue to have a quilt show in September.  There will be a vote in August at the General meeting on whether to dissolve this committee.

A possible replacement activity would be for the Guild to sponsor Arin Hedsell who is wanting to start a Jr. Quilt Guild starting with the 24 students she currently is teaching sewing with through Parks and Rec.  Marcia G. suggested that the Guild library look through its inventory and see whether there are beginner books that could be donated to the Jr. Guild.  She also suggested that there are several members of the Guild that would be great resources for the students in giving a lecture or demonstrating techniques.

Round Robin:   August is the last rotation.  Cindy G. says that the “basket of castoffs” needs items and committee members should think about whether they have something in their stash that might be interesting to put in the basket.  Sign ups for Round Robin are due by Dec 31.  In November, the committee will be showing the fruits of their labor.

Block of the Month:  Shelley reported that 12 blocks were handed in this month and 94 so far this year.  Another gift certificate will go in the box for the end of the year drawing.  Cindy G. won the July BOM.  Next month is a houseboat.  Feel free to embellish.

Hospitality:  Meryl won the 2 fat quarters; freshly minted new member Theresa W. won the QWP gift certificate.

Program:  Next month is Geri Grasvik.  Geri loves all fabrics but flannel is her favorite.  She will discuss the proper way to sew with flannel and the manufacturers to watch for.  Geri owns a quilt store and is an organizer of the PNW Expo that takes place in September.

Service:  Emily M. reminds those who work on a Service quilt that they can choose a fat quarter as a reward.  All the quilts that needed binding were checked out and she has 3 small quilts that need machine quilting.  Because of recent additional requests, the inventory is low and the committee is looking for help to complete these projects so that they have more quilts to hang at the Philomath Library for Quilt County on August 6.

Museum proposal:  Terry Thomas (via Marcia G) informs the Guild that October begins a year long exhibit on Flight.  She proposes that members of the Guild read West with the Night by Beryl Markham and then create a quilt that represents the book to them.  This book is considered a classic of outdoor literature.  Markham was the first woman to fly the Atlantic east to west in a solo non-stop flight.  She is celebrated as an aviation pioneer.

Show and Tell

Dime Auction was led by Marcia G.  Members had a great time outbidding for items with their dimes and requested that this activity be repeated.

Next General Meeting is August 27.
Next Board meeting is September 2.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa U.

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