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September Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild 
 September Meeting 2015

The Meeting

Block of the Month

Raffle Quilt

Show and Tell

The Program: Donna Cherry

Photos by Linda B.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015
The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Carmen S at 7:00 pm. in Guild President Sheri P’s absence.
Carmen asked if there were any new members or visitors at the evening’s meeting and 4 new members and 2 visitors from Eugene were recognized.
Carmen reminded everyone that there were new books available through the Guild’s library and titles for all the books are available on the MRQG website.
BLOCK OF THE MONTH: Shelley B reported that another 12 blocks were added at this meeting. Patterns for the blocks of the month can be found through the website. Next month’s theme is “Spooky Month”. The winner of the evening’s Block of the Month drawing was Sharon B.
HOSPITALITY: Phyllis P held two drawings and Jean McD and Yvonne T were the winners.
SCHOLARSHIP: JoAnne Cutler Hay scholarships were awarded to Beth R. and Nancy B.  This scholarship fund was established in memory of JoAnne Cutler Hay who passed away in 1995. She was a charter member of MRQG. The purpose of this scholarship fund is “to provide funds towards furthering knowledge of quilting and textile arts, skills development, and/or the presentation of quilt information to others.”  Scholarship funds are still available.
QUILT COUNTY: Quilt County 2015 is in full swing throughout Benton County.
NOMINATIONS/ELECTIONS: Sheri P will continue as President for 2016. The Vice-President position for 2016 will be open and Barbara G has offered to step into this role .The Secretary position for 2016 will continue to be shared by Lisa Ullmer and Jan Connell with Sharon F as back-up. Gail B will continue as Treasurer through 2016. There are still opportunities for committee chairpersons for 2016.
RAFFLE QUILT: Jo C reported that 2662 raffle tickets were sold for a total of $2318.  She noted that there would be a drawing for prizes for those volunteers who sold tickets. Jo C will continue next year as Chairperson of this committee yet would welcome the help of an “assistant” in 2016.
SHOW and TELL: The 2016 Raffle Quilt was presented. Jean McD reported that Emily M and Carol F created  the original piece of this quilt and the committee obtained other pieces and added it all together. The committee is working on a name for this quilt.  Also Jean McD is looking for someone to quilt this project. It will be completed and shown at the Guild meeting in January 2016.
SERVICE COMMITTEE: Emily M announced a silent auction was being held tonight and that she was holding Stephanie S’s last month prize for her. Emily further reported there are several quilts the committee has made that need to be machine quilted so your help would be appreciated.
ROUND ROBIN: Cindy G will be starting a new group in Jan 2016. She took time to explain the concept of Round Robin and brought several examples of completed work to show the members. She invited anyone interested to join and she would need to know by December 31st. Please contact Cindy G should you have any questions or would like to sign up.
SHOW AND TELL:  4 members including one new member presented their creative projects.
EVENING’S PROGRAM: Harriet P introduced the speaker, Donna Cherry from Bend, OR. Donna is a nurse who also has become a quilter.  She has found her “niche” in making “artscape quilts”.  She shared many beautifully creative quilts using a variety of techniques and embellishments. She also enjoys teaching classes.  She refers to her style as a “garanimals” for quilts! Her technique includes the utilization of a layered approach by breaking down the various component of the design and “layering” them. She adds details along the border to draw your eye in to the center design of the quilt. Donna C mentioned that if you sign up on her website, a free potholder pattern will be sent to you. After teaching individual classes, she began to teach on-line classes….like a block of the month with bling which also includes instructions for embellishments. Her classes also include tips, tricks and techniques and she utilizes an interactive approach. Flyers for that class are available this evening on the back table and she hopes to launch that on-line class in January, 2016. She has also written a booklet on how to pick your fabric for an artscape. The booklet, patterns, etc are available. It was a very inspiring presentation. Website is
The meeting was adjourned by Vice-President Carmen S at 8:28 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Secretary

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