Thursday, May 27, 2021

November Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

November Meeting 2019



Show and Tell

Thirty Years of MRQG

Round Robin


General Meeting 11/21/2019


President Lisa U. called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Tom N was the lone male visitor.

Lisa U. announced that the election will occur tonight for Vice President and Secretary. Theresa V., incumbent V.P. and Linda Doig and Eileen Minette, running for Secretary co-chairs are on the ballot. Ballots were passed out to attending members.

Also, during the meeting the auction for items displayed at the back of the room will continue.

Lisa U. reminded members of the Museum rules of no food or drink and no leaning on the walls.

There will be no  December meeting.

The Lynn County Fair Grounds will again host the upcoming quilt show on January 31 and February 1, 2020.



A thank you was given to Sandy M as outgoing Guild Secretary. Judy J. and Jan T. we’re recognized for their Guild work with each receiving 27 scrappy blocks.


 No report.


Sample quilt block packets are for sale at the Service table.

Three guests from Stoneybrook Lodge, where the Guild donates quilts, are present. There is a monthly auction at Stoneybrook Lodge when the residents sell art work and quilts.

Guest Tom Nelson said that the hanging quilts make the place more homey. It also helps introduce quilts to visiting families as art work. During one sale several residents pooled their money and bought a quilt for the Director.


Unanimous results for Theresa V. ,Vice President, and Linda Doig and Eileen Minette, Secretary Co-chairs were announced.


Marsha G. said the quilt drawing for the Philomath Police Foundation will occur tonight. Tickets still on sale.


Nancy A. said In January the program will be a member program, telling about 1 or 2 wall quilts plus a short story/techniques about it.

Lisa U. asked for someone to house the quilt show banner.


Jan A. said Tonight the group had dinner at a Philomath Mexican restaurant. She has applications for next year.


Cindy G. explained how the group works. Sent around a signup sheet. Deadline is December 31.


Jan A. has volunteered to chair the committee. She needs people to head PR, tickets and transport.


Wendi E . said this year’s theme is baking. $5 packets are for sale.


Barbara G. and Izzie E. said this is the last drawing for gifts cards from JanniLou. They must be used by December 31. Barbara asked for a show of hands as to who was interested in continuing gift cards at an away quilt store. There was an overwhelming show of hands in favor.

Tonight’s winners were: Theresa V., Jan F. and Jan A.


Three completed quilts shown.

Donna W. adapted a Crabapple Hill design into a completed quilt.

Cindy G. displayed a maple leaf original quilt.

Debbie G. showed a Halloween quilt, a red, green and white table topper and an antique 1890-1910 pieced stars.

Lisa U. showed a completed quilt that she bought the top at last year’s auction for $6.

Seven quilters showed their original quilts celebrating thirty years of MRQG.

Lisa U. called a break at 8:10 p.m. The auction biding is also closed.


The meeting resumed at 8:20 p.m.

There was a sideshow of 115 donation quilts.



Cindy G. showed a beehive quilt

Jan A. : baby quilt

Donnell T.: baby quilt

Libby A.: panel quilt featuring a bird

Cathy G.: blocks and a large top

Judy J.: a small wall hanging with a saying

Sandy M.: A Di Hall circular print wall hanging

Linda B.: blue and white blocks



Marsh G. held the drawing. The quilt was won by Alyssa Lewis.

Lisa U. dismissed the meeting at 8:40 p.m.



SANDY M, Secretary MRQG

Photos by Alice H.


Thursday, February 27, 2020

October Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

October Meeting 2019

Quilt Challenge

Show and Tell

GENERAL MEETING, October 24, 2019

President Lisa U. called the meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.
 One visitor, Margo, moved to Corvallis five months ago.

Ann G. said that she has quilts to return tonight. Please collect your quilts.
 Lisa U. reminded the membership that elections occur during the November meeting.
Vice President: Theresa V. No report
Eileen M. and Linda D. are running as co-secretaries.

Best Use Of A Panel: Kathy G.
Best Original Design: Izzie E.
Best Story: Donna W.
Best Start To Finish By Maker: Theresa V.
Viewers Choice: Donna W.
Grand Prize: Debbie G.
Twenty-one contestants exhibited. They were:
Linda B., panel with Africa animals
Libby A., small birds from Round Robin group
Cathy D., wolves-Alaskan animal scenes
Jan G., uneven edged waterfall plus piecing
Izzie G., small child’s panel
Flo C.,fisherman with trees, birds and eagle
Jan C., children’s design disassembled
Donnella T., owls cut apart
Cindy G., owls and pussycat with original poem
Jo C., top only-squirrel and butterfly plus pieced tree
Tina R., flower pots plus appliqué
Debbie G., 2011 panel of river plus piecing
Stephanie S., the neighbors house in woods plus animals
Joyce L., panel with instruments made for her husband to lay his bass on the floor
Beth R., floral panel that she is giving away. #2 Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn thread painting
Barbara G., Japanese woman made with Asian fabrics
Donna W., Christmas panel with metallic gold thread, original poem about her ice skating participation
Judy J., multi-colored giraffe
Sara P., Art Deco with Winnie the Poo
Theresa V., Eiffel Tower with a man and woman

Lynn said that the Annex sale of fabrics and books made $192.50 tonight.
There will be a silent auction next month.
Seven service quilts were shown.


Karen G., small fan autograph quilt
Stephanie S., fairy panel
Jan C., rose
Sandy M., sashiko jacket

Jan A., each meeting there is a bag for Secret Sister gifts

Cindy G.,there is a sign up clip board passing around.

Sandy M. offered to find sources at the International Quilt Festival

Karen G. talked about six new books

Barbara G. and Izzie G. drew the following names: Wendy , Jan T. and Jan A. won the drawings.

Kelly drew the winners name: Nell Kolollajack

The raffle quilt for 2020 was presented.

Lisa U. dismissed the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sandy M., Secretary MRQG

Posted & Photograhed
Alice H.