Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Round Robin

Fourth Meeting
  of the MRQG's 
Round Robin Group 2014

Cindy added the top row to Barb's piece

The participants in Barb's quilt

Naomi added the sky and lattice to Cindy's quilt

The participants in Cindy's quilt

MariAnne added a border to Jan's quilt

The participants in Jan's quilt

Jan added ends to Judy's quilt

The participants in Judy's quilt

Linda added blocks for Karen's quilt

The participants in Karen's quilt

Judy added a border to Libby's piece

The participants in Libby's quilt

Libby added applique to the center of Linda's quilt

The participants in Linda's quilt

Barb added the top row for MariAnne's piece

 The participants in MariAnne's quilt

Shirley added the end pieces for Naomi's runner

The participants in Naomi's runner

Karen added sashing and assembled the blocks for Shirley's quilt

 The participants in Shirley's quilt

Photos and Text by Naomi

Round Round reveal is scheduled 
for the Marys River Quilt Guild's 
November meeting.

Monday, August 25, 2014

July Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild
 July Meeting in the park  2014

Block of the Month

Next Meeting will be August 28 at First Presbyterian Church, Corvallis, with program speaker Janet Fog --- Janet Fog: Quilt Artist and Teacher

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting of July 24, 2014

President Beth called the meeting to order, reminded everyone of the hospitality sign up and shared some information on the survey taken last month. Surveys were made available to any who may have missed last month’s meeting.

Marcia discussed the issue of legacy for quilt makers – being sure that we include the “closets” of material and sewing machines will go to designated persons or groups. Many may not be aware of the value of our quilt closets and it is important to put something in writing to be sure that things aren’t found in burner bins.

Beth shared the openings for next year’s guild board which include president, treasurer, program chair, BOM chair and marketing chair. The guild is greatly benefited by volunteers and more people are needed to aid with committees. Small amounts of time are needed generally and there is great joy in getting to know more of your fellow guild members.

QITG thanked those who have brought quilts for the show. Linda will be home August 1 from 2 PM until sunset for drop off of quilts for the show. As of August 1st the local quilt shops and four garden centers supporting the show will have tickets available for purchase.

Raffle 2014 still has some time slot openings for the fair, FOF and QITG. It was reported that $837 was raised in Sisters Raffle ticket sales.


Beth announced that she has information on an Artista 170 Bernina embroidery machine available for $750 and a Koala desk for $600. Please contact her if interested in these items.

Judy recommended the Fancy Pants exhibit currently on display at the Benton County History museum.

The general meeting for the guild will be at First Presbyterian Church Corvallis on August 28th. There are still a few openings available for the Janet Fogg workshop of August 29th which will be at the Congregational Church on West Hills Road. Be sure to bring your machine and basic class type supplies.

Karen of the Library committee suggested anyone interested in a book, please let her know in advance and she will bring them to the meeting in August.

A Feather weight (was owned by Bonnie Brehm) is available for $375.

Round Robin’s next meeting is August 11th.

Secret Sisters next meeting will be a picnic at Judy J’s house.

BOM shared next month’s block and distributed this months.

Hospitality held its drawing for fat quarters and a gift certificate.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon, Mary’s River Guild Secretary
Alice, Mary’s River Guild Historian