Thursday, August 27, 2015

June Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild 
June Meeting 2015

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Program : Quilters Eye
 Karen Roberts from the Quilt Loft in Albany, and Marilyn Hill

JUNE 25, 2015

Guild Vice-President, Carmen S., called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm as MRQG President, Sheri P., was out of town. Carmen then provided an overview of the evening's agenda.

After Carmen inquired as to any new members or visitors, Holly S.  introduced herself as a visitor.

There were no Board Reports.

  • Block of the Month: Linda B. reported that this month's design is "House in the Pine". Patterns were  available at the meeting. The Raffle Drawing winner was Sharon Fries.
  • Library: Karen G.  reported there were three new books available this month.
  • Service Committee: Emily M.  reported there were  several quilts completed and she expressed appreciation to those who helped in this project. She further noted that any help is appreciated to help finish other quilts and especially those quilts to be on display at the Library.
  • 2016 Raffle Quilt: Jean M.  reported that the 2016 Raffle Quilt would incorporate the "shell" of another quilt and she asked for help in the further design of that quilt.
  • 2015 Raffle Quilt: Jo C.  reported that Carmen S. has placed a sign up list on-line today for volunteers to sign up to sell raffle tickets for the  2015 quilt raffle at such venues as the Sisters Quilt Show, the Benton County Fair, Coburg, etc. The sign up list was also passed around at the meeting for members to sign up.
  • Quilt County 2015: Marcia G. reported there are 4000 advertising flyers to distribute. Any help distributing them would be appreciated. The shows for this year included: "Temptations"  at Burst Candy; the Library show," Two to Tango", and the Sisters Quilt Show.  Teresa requested that those participating were to bring your quilts for the Library show to next month's meeting. And Marcia requested that all bring their quilts for the Sisters Quilt Show to her.  All quilts being taken to the Sisters Quilt Show this year are for sale.
  • Secret Sisters:  Jan A.M. reported on the outing to the Coast this week. If you are interested in joining Secret Sisters, there is a form to complete and can be found on the website. Applications may be submitted in January.
  • Programs: Jan A.M. further reported that next month's meeting will be a picnic at the Philomath Park . Carpooling is advised as parking is limited. MRQ Guild  will provide the main dish…..pulled pork and buns. Members are requested to bring drinks, side dishes and dessert. The time of the next meeting will be at 5:30 pm. Further information about this event may be found in the newsletter. Members were encouraged to bring baggies of at least 5 strips (1-1/2-2" strips) to swap for the "Strip exchange"! An  Auction will also be held using dimes so all were encouraged to start collecting their dimes!
  • Harriet P.  reported on the next workshop. It is scheduled for September and will be either the  day before or day after the general membership meeting. Donna Cherry  will be highlighting her landscape/artscape quilts. Her work can be found at Donna Cherry Designs. Com.  The workshop will be presented at a very reasonable cost and details are to follow by e-mail. Harriet also reported that Marsha McCloskey would be conducting a workshop and class in Springfield on October 3rd, and October 5th and 6th. Flyers are available at tonight's meeting.
  • Phyllis P.  conducted the drawing for two fat quarters. Nancy B.  and Sharon H. were the winners of those drawings.
  • Carmen offered thoughts about the "strange language" we speak. It was a wonderful play on words! She invites us to "play" and not “work”. She expressed the Board's  appreciation for all of the wonderful work members  are doing. And she expressed the  need for more volunteers to make the Guild even more successful. Upcoming positions available include: Vice-President, Secretary,  Secret Sister Chairperson,  planning Chairperson for the 2017 raffle quilt and any other ideas for other programs. There is also a need for a new Program person or persons. The Program Committee is presently  in good shape – some programs are already booked through 2016. It would be nice if someone could shadow Jan and Harriet in 2015 so they would be able to focus on securing the 2017 programs.  Any  and all volunteers will be appreciated!
Members shared many wonderful creations. There were 13 quilts shown in all!

Carmen then introduced Harriet P. to introduce the evening's program.

Harriet P. then introduced  Karen Roberts from the Quilt Loft in Albany, and her friend, Marilyn Hill. Karen and Marilyn are participating in a book club, "Quilters Eye", and making quilts created on the basis of the themes in the books they have read. They jointly shared their experiences and their quilts along with some quilts made by other members of "Quilters Eye". They reported that" Quilters Eye", their book club, will be 7 years old in September. They have found that this creative environment encourages them to try new techniques and "think outside of the box". And they emphasized the importance of choosing books that were full of imagery. Their structure includes reading the book, discussing it, coming up with a quilt design and then making their individual quilts. Each member usually reads the chosen 2-3 books and  makes 2-3 quilts per year. They offered a sample of their book list to the members.  Lots of lovely quilts were shown and enjoyed!

Vice-President Carmen S.  adjourned the meeting  at 8:43 pm.

Respectfully submitted,