Monday, October 24, 2016

July Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild
July Meeting 2016

The Picnic

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The Auction

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

June Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild
June Meeting 2016

Block of the Month

Show and Tell

The Program
Kristin Shields Confessions of a Quirky Quilt Maker

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting, June 23, 2016

President Barbara G. called the meeting to order and welcomed Molly M. from Mid-Valley Quilters to discuss State Fair quilt walk.  She is looking for volunteers to work shifts to protect the quilts from sticky hands and keeping them secure.  Four hour shifts – free great parking, entry to fair plus a free ticket to use later.  Times are 10-2, 2-6, 6-10.  Dates are August 26 – Sept 5.  Contact or 971-701-6571 if you are able to work a shift.

Time to think about nominations for President and Treasurer.  Contact Barbara if you are interested in either position.

Committee Reports:

Program :  Next month is the annual picnic on July 28 at Keubler community hall (same place as last year).   Please bring salads, drinks and desserts.  Pulled pork will be provided.  There will be a dime auction.  Please take the items to Marcia or give them to her before the auction begins at the picnic.  The Ann Shaw workshop has 12 signed up for August 26.  Can take up to 20.  Let Harriet know if you are interested by the end of June.

Quilts in the Garden:  Thank you to everyone who has helped to fill out garden.  Need help in the following shifts:   Set up (830-945) at Clark/ 12-2 working with Emily.  Set up at Heublien (830-945) and closing shift.  Need one more person at Mays garden working with Alice 12-2.  Working at Edge garden with Gene N. 12-2.  Need a set up person for set up with Jan T at Athay garden.  Beth is collecting quilts and needs them by July 16.  The committee will determine the category/garden they will fit in.  From this point forward the quilts will need to be delivered to Beth’s house 240 SW 7th Street.  Please call first  541-760-3695.  Tickets are also the brochure.  Purchase will include a wristband.  Ads will be in the GT, Willamette Living, Country Register.  Please take book marks and posters and ask quilt stores if they would display the poster when you visit those out of town.

Challenge:  All packets have been sold. 

Service:  Lynn asked those that have donated quilts of valor wall hangings to line up for a group photo.  Currently Hospice has 15 men in residence.  The response has been amazing as the donations have exceeded the current need (13 people donated, several donated multiple quilts).  This will be an on-going project.  Fabric is available for you to make these wall hangings on the Service table in the back.  Cindy G. made a top and is looking for people to quilt them and then she will bind. By working on this project or any other service project you may choose a fat quarter as a token of our appreciation.  The picture will be published in the Hospice newsletter, MRQG newsletter and possibly the GT. 
We are currently working on fulfilling quilt requests from the Men’s shelter, cancer treatment center, and Oak Creek youth correctional facility.  Service committee appreciates all the work you have done to help make these donations happen.  Several quilts in the back to work on.  Many sizes, different levels of completion.  We are running out of pins and look forward to your completed projects being returned along with the pins so that we can pin more quilts together!

Sisters Quilt Show:  Marcia took 103 (only 4 are not for sale) quilts over on Monday, June 20.  A few additional quilts will be delivered by Gail.  We hope to be selling raffle tickets on Friday and Saturday.  We need volunteers.  The guild has gotten a “square” to allow charging their quilt purchase by customers.  If your quilt is going to be at Sisters and then to Quilts in the Garden, please let her know and she will pull them out for delivery to Beth.  Ten quilts for Up, up and Away have been delivered to the library and that show will be up until end of August.

Marketing:  Jo is begging for people to sign up for Sisters.  She is willing to set up a car pool and make it a fun day.  This event represents 1/3 of our earnings for the year.  Benton County fair also needs volunteers.  Please pay attention to the needs when you see a sign-up genius.  So far we have sold $893.  One third of that has been from member sales.  Fitness over Fifty and quilt stores make up the rest.  Contact Jo if you are interested in car pooling to Sisters.

Round Robin:  Quilts are beautiful and will be on-line shortly on the blog.  Next meeting is in August 22.
Library:  Books donated by last two speakers are at Karen’s house.  If you want before the September meeting, please contact her and she will bring them for you to the picnic.
Secret Sisters:  Wendi SS is about to head to the beach for the annual beach retreat.  Lots of fun, sewing and eating.  What happens at the beach stays at the beach.
BOM:   Cathy G.  stood in for Sharon and Shelley.  9 blocks handed in this month.  Cindy J. won the blocks.  Next month block is a bird block.

Hospitality:  Fat quarters won by Edith S.  Gift certificate by Linda J.

Show and Tell.  Beth’s quilts will be at Art in the Valley Gallery show called “Let it Be” July 5-beginning of August.  The artist reception is July 21st  from 4-8 and is part of the artist Art Walk.  Address is 209 SW 2nd.  Downtown Corvallis. 


Program:  Jan introduced  Kristin Shields from Bend -- "Confessions of a Quirky Quilt Maker.” 

Next general meeting is July 28.
Next Board meeting will be “virtual” beginning July 6.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Lisa U.