Sunday, December 14, 2014

October Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

October Meeting 2014 

Challenge 2015 
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Show and Tell

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting of October 23, 2014

Vice-President Carmen S. presided over the meeting and began by welcoming our guests and introducing a new member.   Challenge quilt night is one of the most anticipated programs of the guild each year so Cindy G. was quickly asked to review the rules and start the show.

The theme for this year, Events-123 Show Creativity, had three rules to make the quilts eligible for prizes. The musts were that the challenge fabric had to appear on the front of the quilt, the quilt had to be finished and that quilters use three techniques in making the quilt with one of them being new to the quilter.  The quilt judges were Karen R. and Cathy C.; story judges were Nancy B. Cheryl J. and Liz H.  At the completion of the rule reviews the attendees were treated to amazing stores and beautiful quilts.

At the completion of the quilt presentations, the judges were given time to take a close look at the quilts and Judy J. introduced Challenge 2015, All Tied Up.  The guild received a large donation of ties and participants for the coming year will receive a packet with nine ties, the rules for this challenge and information on how to handle the ties (how to disassemble and / or best use the material).  The quilts can be any size or be wearable art; ties can be added; embellishments may be added and ties can be exchanged among guild members.  Cost for the packets will be $5.

Carmen began the business portion of the meeting by reviewing the candidates for guild president and treasurer, Sheri P. and Gail B. respectively.  She also reviewed the new committee chairs for program, BOM and marketing-all new women who will be serving on the board for the first time.

Round Robin chair Cindy reminded everyone that it is time to sign up for next year and that the participants for 2014 will be showing their projects at the November meeting.

BOM had an increase in participation this month and the lucky winner of the blocks was Cindy G.  BOM chair Linda also showed an example of the November Uneven Star block.

Hospitality had the drawing for fat quarters (Jan A.) and a gift certificate (Donna W.).

Secret Sister’s chair Jan encouraged everyone to consider signing up for next year with the deadline being December 10th for registration.  The guild website has forms which need to be completed and turned into Jan for 2015.

Show and Tell began with the Service Committee showing several quilts that will be going to the women’s winter shelter and Oak Creek Center in Albany.  The committee also donated a quilt to the Benton County History Museum for its annual fund raiser auction.

Carmen allowed a short break so that those in attendance could vote for People’s Choice and have a final opportunity to buy raffle tickets.

After the break Carmen noted that because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the next guild meeting will be November 20th, the third Thursday of the month.  The program will include work on service quilts, Round Robin’s end of year presentations and a silent auction.

Raffle 2014 held its drawing and Darcy M. of Brownsville won this year’s quilt.  Congratulations!

The judges after careful consideration announced the following winners for this year’s Challenge Program.

Best Story:  Linda J for Molly A
Best Representation of Theme:  Debbie G.
Best Use of Fabric:  Cindy G.
Best Quilt made start to finish by the quilter:  Beth Rietveld
Grand Prize and People’s Choice:  Linda J.

Thanks and gifts were offered to our judges and emcee.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon, MRQG Secretary
Alice, MRQG Historian

Sunday, October 19, 2014

September Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

September Meeting 2014 

Block of the Month - Guild Activities 

Show and Tell

The Program

 Bonnie Sabel - Quilted Postcards

The October meeting is the 23rd at the Benton County Historical Museum. The program features our Challenge Quilts.

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting September 25, 2014

President Beth called the meeting to order and began by welcoming guests, inviting them to introduce themselves.   She then presented QITG chair Linda and presented her with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her excellent leadership for the event.

QITG chair Linda was invited to provide a report on the event and sharing information from the debriefing meeting held with home owners and garden hostess participants.  Recognition was also given for the Michael J. Fox Parkinson fund raiser which raised $972.  The committee members, hostesses and volunteers were asked to stand for recognition to indicate how many participants took part plus a gift bag was given to the two guild members who allowed the guild to use their gardens for the event.

At the conclusion of the report Beth advised that the board voted to change the schedule and QITG will take place every other year thus 2016 will be the next event.  She noted that having seen all of the participation, any member interested in chairing the 2016 QITG may feel more comfortable accepting the position having seen the level of participation.  The new chair will begin by joining the board in January.  Beth hopes to have a volunteer within the next thirty days for this position.

Beth presented the new board chairs for the coming year:
BOM:  Shelley Berryman
Marketing:  Jo Castleberry
Program:  Harriet Plumley and Jan Andrews-McKirdie
The elected position candidates are:
President:  Sheri Puckette
Treasurer:  Gail Bartlett

Guild members were asked if there were additional nominations from the floor and when no names were forwarded; a motion was made and passed to close the nominations.

Program:  Corey reminded everyone to come early in October for the Challenge Quilt reveal.  In November there will be service committee work opportunities, a silent auction and the reveal of the Round Robin quilts.

Challenge:  Judy reported that there are judges for the quilts and stories for October.  The 2015 Challenge packets (40) will be available and cost will be $5.

Marketing:  Erica noted that the drawing for this year’s raffle quilt will be next month so be sure to purchase and/or sell tickets this next month-it is your last chance.

Round Robin:  Cindy reviewed the Round Robin process and invited members to sign up for next year.

Library:  Karen noted that there were a number of new books on the cart and that it now contains 26 books received from the Bonnie Brehm estate and 21 received from Beth Ray.

Scholarships:  The guild was reminded that there are scholarships available to attend quilt workshops and they can make the request through Vice-president Carmen Steggell.  After attending the workshop, recipients are asked to give a report on the experience.

BOM:  Linda had an example of next month’s block which is a less difficult project.  The drawing was held for the blocks completed this month by participating members.

Hospitality:  There was a drawing for a gift certificate and fat quarters for those wearing their name tags.

The Northwest Quilt Expo is taking place in Portland on September 26th and 27th.
Potholders made by the guild are available with excellent pricing, $3 each or 4 for $10.

Show and Tell began with Service Committee showing completed quilts and advising that seven quilts have been donated to the women’s shelter and quilts are still to be completed and organized for Pastega House and Oak Creek.  There was a short break after Show and Tell.

Bonnie Sable was our guest introducing quilted, embellished postcards.  She also provided a copy of her book Positively Postcards as a raffle gift for one of the guild members.

The meeting was adjourned at the completion of the program.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon MRQG Secretary
Alice MRQG Historian