Sunday, January 24, 2016

November Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild
November Meeting 2015

The Silent Auction

Undulating Flying Geese

Round Robin Finale

Block of the Month

Show and Tell

Raffle Quilt

 NOVEMBER 19, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Sheri P at 7:02 pm.
There were no new members in attendance and no visiting guests to introduce at this meeting.
Volunteers are needed in 2016 to help with setting up and taking down chairs and tables for the meetings. A sign-up list was distributed. Also, a member of the Guild is looking for transportation to the meetings so if you are able to help with this, please add your name to the list being distributed.
Election of certain Board members was conducted. Barbara G has accepted the nomination for Vice-President for 2016. Jan C and Lisa U have jointly accepted the nomination to share the Secretary position. Ballots were distributed for voting for these positions. Election results: 35 votes for Barbara G and 1 vote for Judy J for Vice-President and 35 votes for Jan C and Lisa U and 1 vote for Sharon F for Secretary.
Sheri mentioned that there is updated Guild information in the Newsletter.
Sheri encouraged members to become Historical Museum members as the Museum is gracious in allowing us to use their facility for our monthly meetings. The annual dues are $25.
LIBRARY: There is nothing to report at this time.
SERVICE COMMITTEE: Lynn G reported the updated inventory of unfinished projects is 144. Lynn urged Guild members to consider machine quilting these quilts. There are a variety of sizes available and suggested that if each member could commit to quilting one per year then great progress would be made.
HISTORIAN:  Alice H reported that she is getting close to having the Blog done.
CHALLENGE COMMITTEE: Judy J has packets available this evening for those interested. The theme is “Not quite a zebra” which is black and white fabric with an additional color.
QUILT IN THE GARDEN: There is nothing to report at this time.
SECRET SISTERS: Jan A-McK encouraged members to sign up. The group meets once a month and is a great deal of fun as well as a way to get to know other members. New season begins in January.
HOSPITALITY: The winners of the drawing for fat quarters and a gift certificate were Lisa U and Harriet P.
PROGRAMS/CLASSES: Harriet reported that Nancy and Beth R will be discussing the workshops they attended and sharing what they learned and created. This will be the program for the January 2016 meeting. Members who attended the Undulating Flying Geese Class shared their wonderful creations. Those members included Sheri A, Flo C, Sheri P, Jan T, Beth R, and Glenda G.
ROUND ROBIN: Cindy G introduced those members who worked on this year’s projects: Linda B, Barbara G, Gail B, Karen G, Libby A, Judy J, Jan T and Cindy G. There were many creative projects shared and enjoyed by all. Cindy encouraged members to participate next year. This committee meets every two months and the firm deadline to sign up is December 31st.
BLOCK OF THE MONTH: Shelley B held a drawing for guessing the total number of blocks completed this year. Diane D won the drawing with her guess of 152 blocks! A prize was awarded. Next year’s theme is “How does your garden grow?” January’s block will be a pansy theme. Blocks will be available on the website soon. Linda B won the big drawing for BOM participation. Local quilt shops provided gift certificates: Bolts to Block, Quilt Loft, Quiltwork Patches and JanniLou’s.
NEW BUSINESS: The Board discussed the budget for 2016 at the November board meeting including the need to increase membership dues to cover any shortage and/or loss. The recommendation was to increase the membership dues for 2016 by $10 for members and by $5 for seniors. Any members over 80 years old would still not be required to pay annual dues. It was noted that there had not been an increase in five years. Hence, the proposed regular dues would be $35, $25 for members who were 65-80 years old, and no charge for those members 80 and above. The vote was called for and was unanimously accepted. A sticker would be created to add to the MRQG flyers reflecting the increase in dues. The $5 visitor fee for each meeting where the guild has an outside speaker would still remain in effect. It was noted that if members wanted to pay more, funds would be accepted for the Guild.
2017 RAFFLE QUILT: The Service Committee has a completed quilt top that they are willing to donate for use as the Guild's 2017 Raffle Quilt. It is one of Judy Niemeyer's designs. The lovely quilt top was shown and submitted for consideration.  It was noted that the Guild would need to obtain Judy Niemeyer’s approval to use the design. Any member who is interested in volunteering to coordinate completing the quilt which is nearly done should contact Sheri P.
The 2016 Raffle Quilt was shown by the committee and was a visual treat for the members.
Service quilts were available to tie at the evening’s meeting. And a silent auction was conducted to benefit the Scholarship Committee.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan C, Secretary

Monday, January 11, 2016

October Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

October Meeting 2015

The Program -- The Challenge

The Meeting

Block of the Month

Show and Tell

Mary’s River Quilt Guild
General Meeting October 22, 2015

The guild president called the meeting to order and explained the schedule for the evening. She then welcomed visitors (8) and gave a special welcome two members of the family which contributed the ties for this year’s challenge.

Cindy G. introduced the quilt judges, Kathy C. and Karen R. and the story judges Nancy B. Challenge information was given on the procedures for viewer’s choice award, label attachments for quilts being shown and the award categories.  Those participating were then invited to share their quilts and stories.

After the quilts were shown, Judy J. provided information for the 2016 Challenge.  Those participating purchase a packet which includes one-half yard of black fabric and one-half yard of white fabric.  Participants are allowed to add one more color but may use various shades of that color.  The completed quilts or projects must be two-thirds black and white and include a new technique for the quilter. 

The title of the 2016 challenge is Not Quite a Zebra, A Black and White Challenge.  The cost of packets is ten dollars ($10) and they will be available at the guild meetings.

A break allowed guild members to have a closer look at the projects and cast a Viewer’s Choice

President Sheri called the meeting back to order and noted the following announcements.
  • A guild in Idaho is looking for teachers for a multi-day quilt event; please see Sheri for the information.
  • It has come to the guild board’s attention that during the longer winter months some members may not attend because of the difficulty of driving at night.  She passed around a signup sheet for those willing to provide a ride to someone who may live near them.
  • The program committee has asked that those who participated in the undulating geese class bring their projects in November for a group picture to be sent to Jill Monley.
  • In November the guild will have the election for a new Vice- President and Secretary.  The nominee for VP is Barbara G. and Secretary a shared position by Lisa U. and Jan C.  For general committees, there is still a need for persons to join Marketing and by joining now you can learn the specifics of the events and set up process.  
  • Raffle 2017 will soon need a chair and committee to be formed to begin planning.

Jo as Marketing chair provided information on the 2015 raffle ticket sales and awarded prizes to participants.  Priscilla N. sold the most raffle tickets; Debbie G. volunteered the most shifts at various venues.  There were two random prizes for those who participated in marketing and special thanks were given to Kelly E., Erica K., Theresa V., Beth R. and Carmen S. for their special contributions. 

The winner of this year’s raffle quilt was Jean Watson who lives in Delaware. 

The quilt judges for the challenge explained the difficulty of deciding on the winners with all the
outstanding work but determined the following winners for the event.
  • For best representation of the theme:  Cindy G. with Tie, You’ve Got to Be Kitten
  • Best use of fabric:  Leaves by Judy J.
  • Best project by a quilter who created a project from start to finish: Flo C.
  • Grand Prize:  Beth R.
  • The Viewer’s Choice award went to Flo C.
  • For best story the judges selected Cindy G.

Board Reports
  • Round Robin:  Signups for 2016 need to be completed before end of year and information is available on the guild website.
  • Program:  In November there will be an opportunity to tie quilts for the guild service projects, elections, Round Robin projects shown and an auction.
  • BOM:  Fourteen blocks were brought for this month and were won by Cathy G.  In Novemberthose who bring a 12th bonus block may have an additional ticket for the year end drawing for those who participated in the BOM this year.
  • Hospitality:  The drawing for fat quarters and a gift certificate went to Mancy A. and Glenda G. 
  • Library:  Information was provided for the four newest books added to the library.
  • Quilt County 2017:  Teresa wanted to provide a significant amount of time for those who may wish to create and share quilts at the Philomath library.  A book title, theme, place, character or author should be featured in the quilt.

Marcia G. discussed whether Quilt County will continue in the future and answered questions of the members. In January the guild is to make its final decision.  The Benton County Museum will  have a quilt show and the theme will be Up, Up and Away so let’s see those quilts fly into the museum.

Pam D. who has been an active part of the guild for eleven years noted that this will be her last meeting since she will be moving to the Portland area. She thanked the guild for the many years of friendship, opportunity and learning.

Secret Sisters has new leadership for the coming year and a big thanks to Wendy B. and Debbie G. for agreeing to chair this group.  Be sure to sign up before year end to join the fun for the coming year.  More information is available on the guild website for this group also.

The next guild meeting will be November 19th, the third Thursday of the month, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  The next board meeting will be November 4th at the Stoneybrook clubhouse. 

There was a brief show and tell beginning with quilts completed by the service committee and guild members.  Service Committee is also asking those interested to help make simple bags which will be used for items needed by children.

Sheri adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon F Secretary Sub