Monday, March 25, 2019

February Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild
February  Meeting 2019

The Program: Michelle Byrum
"Creative Problem Solving: The Story of Two Quilt"

Show and Tell

General Meeting, February 28, 2019

Vice President Theresa V. called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. 

Due to weather, the speaker, Michele Bynum, was introduced first by Program Chair, Ann G. After 22 years in the Air Force, Major Bynum retired and taught herself needleturn appliqué. She showed and discussed two quilts, one heavy with appliqué and the other how mistakes created new design elements that hid a six inch width discrepancy from the top to bottom.

Following the guest speaker, the Service Committee exhibited the month’s accomplishments.
Lynn showed a Rail Fence quilt, a pink and green quilt, one with a red border and a blue/white interior with an appliqué border; each one intended for a grandchild.
Lynn  revealed that Carol Farnes cancer has returned and she is now at home under hospice care. If anyone wants to visit her, please text her first. (Later a card of encouragement was sent to her by Secretary Sandra Millett).
A Round Robin blue and white floral design quilt is going to the Methodist Church for a raffle.
Glenda G. showed a”Pow Pow” quilt for her granddaughter, Abigail.
Theresa V. showed five tee shirt quilts: a very striking quilt made from her son’s tee shirts for her daughter-in-law, another tee shirt quilt, one for her sister with a Mickey Mouse blanket for a backing, a humorous “My dog” quilt and the last was a quilt finished the preceding day that was large triangles with a white background.

Theresa V. called for a 10 minute break at 7:48 with a reminder that raffle ticket packets were available at the back of the room.

When resuming, Theresa V. asked for new members or visitors to stand, introduce themselves and share their favorite candy. Wendy H. is a new member who likes caramel. Visitor JoAnna likes dark chocolate.

Theresa V. reminded members there is a sheet to signup to setup and take down the museum’s meeting room each month.

Marcia G. said there was no report.

Ann G. reminded members that next month they are to bring their first quilt made and their favorite quilt.

Ads and/or articles are now being accepted for the March 11 issue.

Please take a packet of tickets to sell.

Judy J. asked members to either sign up to oversee a venue or be a helper in September. There will be a variety of venues.
The Philomath Museum is not closing. The new museum in Corvallis will be an additional museum.
A reminder that members should be working on their challenge quilt featuring panels. The reveal will be at the October meeting.

Theresa V. issued a call for a chairman for the 2020 Quilts in the Garden event.

No news.

Cindy G. said the group is working on the first exchange round. She offered handouts on how the group works, though membership is only in January of each year.

Karen G. said there are two new books on how to use panels.

Barbara G. and Izzie E. drew for member door prizes. Kelly P. won a rotary blade; her first win in 15 years. Eileen won and she’d never won before. Cheryl J. also won.

Cheryl J. suggested that we need a banner for the raffle ticket table. She noticed all other quilts at the quilt show in Albany had banners.
Teresa V. asked the members if anyone was interested in making a banner. No response.

Teresa V. announced the next MRQG Board meeting is March 7th.

Finally, the Under The Sea event that benefits Room At The Inn is April 28 and is $15.00 per person. Contact Marty at 541-829-2556.

Theresa V. dismissed the meeting at 8:17 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by

Sandy M, MRQG Secretary