Monday, March 23, 2015

February Meeting

Welcome to the Marys River Quilt Guild

February Meeting 2015

Block of the Month

Show and Tell

The Program

February 26, 2015
General Meeting called to order by Sheri P.


  • Sign up for set-up and tear down for tables sent around
  • New member meet and greet happened tonight.  4 New members stood.  No guests.
  • Flyers for quilt shows:  Polk County in April, Quilt show forms for Philomath show at Scout    lodge available on the stage.
  • Interim secretary Lisa U./Jan C.

Committee reports:

Programs:  March Program will feature  Peggy Gelbrich visiting from Yamhill.  Traditional quilts with modern fabrics.  A national teacher of the year.  May:  opportunity for a workshop for undulating flying geese; Jill Modley (Mt Bach guild) will be our speaker – she is willing to run a workshop on Gail Garber’s technique she learned while attending Asilimar.   More information will come out in email.  Sign up and payment by end of April to guarantee the workshop. 

Quilt County:  Occurs this Aug-October.  Marcia can help you find a venue or you can nominate your own.  Watch the newsletter for information.  Contact Marcia if you are interested.  Need the description of your show by beginning of April for publication.

Silent auction tables:  Last month benefited Jo An Cutler Hay scholarship.  This month is Service Committee.  They will be alternating months.  All auctions will close at end of break.

Challenge:  there are still tie packets available for $5.  See Judy.

Marketing:  Midnight Star raffle events are scheduled and we will be sending around sign –up lists starting next month.  Incentives this year for selling tickets, most volunteer shifts, and a few others.  Jo will have tips to help you feel comfortable selling tickets at a raffle ticket table.  In addition, there are raffle ticket packets for sale that you can take and sell to family and friends. 

Round Robin:  In full swing.  First trade off a week ago.  Pictures will be posted in the blog.  Fun and creative group of gals.

Service:  Thank  you to Jean, Gail and Ilona for long arm quilting.  There are quilts that are pinned and ready to quilt and bind.  We appreciate your help in finishing these quilts.

BOM:  It Takes a Village.  For every 12 blocks that come in, a $10 gift certificate goes in the jar along with the names of the people who put a block in.  This month we only had 11… no $10 gift certificate will be added.  We encourage you to participate.

Hospitality:  Fabric for house blocks for next month (Joan H.); Gift certificate (Pam W.)  A mother-daughter coup!

Library:  Yoko Saito’s Scandinavian Quilts book was ordered but the requesting member did not leave their name.  It’s in.  Come check it out!

Scholarship:   Jo An Cutler Hay scholarship established for members to apply towards fees towards a workshop.  Please apply.

Program for tonight:  Four quilt stores:  JLC, Quilt loft, Bolts to Blocks, QWP here with samples of garments along with their patterns.   The program is a fashion show of items made by Guild members that are wearable or other fashion items.

Show and Tell

Upcoming meetings:
  • Board:  March 4
  • General:  March 26

Minutes respectfully submitted by Lisa MRQG Secretary
Alice MRQG Historian

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Round Robin

Welcome to the First  Meeting 

of the 

MRQG's Round Robin Group 2015 

On Feb. 23, 2015, eleven members of Marys River Quilt Guild met for the first exchange. Each person brought a block or "center" and went home with a different block or "center".  Members have approximately 2 months to add to the new piece and bring it to the April meeting.

Blocks are arranged in alphabetical order

Barb's Block

Cindy's Block

Dawnell's Block

Gail's Block

Jan's Block

Judy's Block

Karen's Block

Libby's Block

Linda's Block

Naomi's Block

Shirley's Block

Photos by Naomi